The Pump Story

Water sourced from both the North and South

In 1997, Pump was created and launched in New Zealand as one of the first bottled spring water brands in the country. Our spring water comes from two spring water sources within New Zealand.

The North Island

In the North Island, Pump spring water is bottled at the source from Te Waihou (also known as the Blue Spring), which lies near the foot of the Kaimai Ranges.

The spring water source is naturally fed by underground aquifers. Hence the water naturally surfaces without requiring any machines or energy. The spring water emerges so pure it is crystal clear and appears an azure blue colour.

The South Island

In the South Island, Pump spring water is sourced from the Wainoni Spring, found near Christchurch. It's pure spring water.

What makes Pump great

Everything that makes a Pump bottle the best choice has been thought through with the busy lives that us Kiwis lead in mind. From the sipper cap, chosen for its great water flow capability, to the squeezability of the bottle – developed specifically to ensure the water can be pumped into the user’s mouth for fast re-hydration.

All Pump bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic*. When recycled, Pump bottles can go on to have another life.

Today, Pump continues to be New Zealand’s most iconic water brand and is synonymous with hydration for Kiwis on the go.

*Sipper, cap, and label excluded.